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1.  What is Kerning?
2.  Show me some examples of the benefits of Kerning.
3.  How can I enable Kerning in my application?
4.  I need more information.


1.  What is Kerning?
Kerning refers to adjusting the space between characters, especially by placing two characters closer together than normal.
Kerning makes certain combinations of letters, such as WA, MW, TA, and VA, look better.
Only the more advanced word processors and desktop publishing systems perform kerning. Normally, you can activate or deactivate kerning for particular fonts.

2.  Show me some examples of the benefits of Kerning
This example uses Word 97 Kerning to properly proportion a common phrase.


In the case of some printers, the non-kerned data can become compressed like this.  We have seen this with Booklet printing.


Kerning can fix a majority of these types of problems.
Another solution is to change the printer driver to:
1.  Switch to Raster
2.  Uncheck "Use Printer Font" (Font data comes from PC/Application)  Slightly slower but sometimes more accurate.

3.  How can I enable Kerning in my application?
If your application supports Kerning, consider using it to improve the printed look of these characters.
In Word 97, select the text you wish to Kern, Format, Fonts, Character spacing, Kerning for fonts.  You have to specify in Word which font and point size if you did not select you text first.

4.  I need more information.
Here 2 good links for information on Kerning



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