Updated Oct 22 2002

Setting up Solaris to print to port 9100

This page was provided by Matthew Klestrup,    (Thanks Matthew)


This describes how to set up a local Postscript printer on a Solaris 2.6/7/8
print server, pointing to port 9100 on a ColorPASS Z60, which already is
added to the hosts file as z60. The new printer is called z60tcp, and can be
accessed from a UNIX client.

Do this from the shell as root:

lpadmin -p z60tcp -v /dev/null
lpadmin -p z60tcp -i /usr/lib/lp/model/netstandard
lpadmin -p z60tcp -o dest=z60:9100 -o protocol=tcp -o timeout=5
lpadmin -p z60tcp -I any -T PS
accept z60tcp
enable z60tcp


Rick's note : As of August 14 2000 the only Canon RIPS with port 9100 are the Z40, Z60, Z90.
                      Updated October 30,2000 - New models - iR5000, Z20e, Z40e.

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