Created 2 22 2005   Modified 2 2 2005
GP iR Fax Driver Sharing

1. Greg Haymens older solution
2. Fax Driver - Specify a Folder

1. Greg Haymens older solution
Greg Haymen created a PDF that discusses the process of creating/importing/exporting/sharing out an Address Book onto the local disk of multiple workstations
Although the information is dated, you can download his PDF here

2. Fax Driver - Specify a Folder
The Windows Fax driver v3.51 and later now has an option called Specify a Folder
This option allows the user to specify a local directory to hold the address book files (gpfax.adr and gpfax.idx)
I played a short time with this option and hoped I could point to a mapped network drive
Unfortunately, I get this error
"Cannot change the address book to the one in the specified folder"

It didnt take long to find this registry key
Normally the Fax driver creates 2 entries into this key pointing to c:\winnt

I created a directory called address-book on a network shared drive
I then mapped this network drive using lets say drive letter z
I then edited the registry key above to use z:\address-book
It seems to work well
I'd love some feedback

You'll have to adjust the read and write permissions on the share to taste (IE some can write, others can read only ...)
Also if one user has the address book open (viewing the driver properties), others will receive this error when checking the driver properties
"Cannot edit the address book because the fax driver dialog box is already open"

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