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NetWare with IPX/SPX
Regarding printing with IPX
Novell Netware 3.x
Netware 4.x bindery
Netware 4.x NDS
Netware 5.x Queue based
Universal Send's Netware IPX Public Trustee disabled

NetWare with TCP/IP
5.x NDPS Printing (Old)
4.11/5.x Unix Printing
5.x/6.x NDPS Printing and the Canon NDPS Gateway (New)
Netware 5.x 6.x Universal Send using SMB

Helpful NetWare documents
Netware 5 point'n'print with settings using ZEN
Problems you may encounter when working with NDS
Information on click'n'print
Netware 5.x/6.x LDAP browsing.
Cannot see CN property or Name